Welcome by Living Field.

Living Field specialises in exclusive gardening products.

Every garden lover having trouble once in a while one or more of the following problems:
– Hanging or bruised plants after wind and rain, for example; Hydrangea Annabel
– Pesky or bruised plants on your lawn during the mowing;


– Climbing roses and climbing plants that all sides grow up;
– Downspouts not beautiful can camouflage;

– Not being able to maintain your wooden uprights by various climbing plants.

The solution for all these problems raises by Living Field.

We design and manufacture unique products which are particularly suitable for supporting and guiding your plants.
Especially for climbers and climbing roses, Living Field has exclusive growth racks.
This allows pergolas, corner posts and downspouts gracefully be camouflaged.

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Living Field products are on exhibition in the landscape garden in Rhienderenseveld in Brummen, the Netherlands. Our team of enthusiastic, friendly employees will help you cordially and efficiently.

Living Field is your partner in exclusive gardening products.

At Living Field, high quality and excellent customer service are of the utmost importance!